M A R S     G A R C I A

me Mars Garcia (they/them) is a Mexican American, genderqueer performance artist, teacher and dancer. Their choreography and collaborations focalize queerness, worldbuilding, and embodiment as pathways into failure, reflection, and communal healing.

They have had the privilege to collaborate with many talented playwrights, musicians, dancers, actors and artists, and have performed works by Merce Cunningham, Doris Humphrey, Kai Hazelwood, Yin Yue, Marie de la Palme, and Christina Robson. During the pandemic, Mars co-founded/produced Harvesting, an outdoor performance festival in Lenapehoking (Queens). A graduate of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, Mars currently dances with Edisa Weeks/DELIRIOUS DANCES, and has performed in New York City, France, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, and Los Angeles.

A certified GYROTONIC ® trainer, Mars cherishes helping others and incorporates movement science, mindfulness, and visualization in their private teaching to help clients accomplish their fitness goals, activate efficient anatomical alignment, and strengthen functional movement pathways. Mars currently works as a Administrative Producer and stage manager for 7NMS | Marjani Forté Saunders + Everett Saunders, and coordinator for PracticeProgress | Kai Hazelwood + Sarah Ashkin.

Mars Garcia acknowledges their privilege as a white/femme/able-bodied/passing person, and their country's contribution to the systematic violence of white supremacy. They commit themselves to the eradicating, unlearning, and teaching geared towards the undoing of colonialism, trans/bi/queerphobia, ableism, sexism, and ageism. We are re-defining and growing ourselves everyday, and Mars aims to engage others from a place of empathy, love and support that everyone deserves.