Oscillations (est. 2022, New York City) is a collection of performance and media which activates the potential-ness of queerness, worldbuilding, and embodiment as a pathways into failure, reflection, and communal healing.
How I work:
I melt movement, writing, scenic designs, recycling, fragments, and audience participation. My dances manifest as intimate duets failing at impossible tasks, audience winded installation art, and the curation of collaborative productions and interdisciplinary art festivals.

Recent work:

trellis "Trellis Pt. 2 - viewpoints" (2020-2023)

Photography by Lauren Chiriboga
Harvesting: Spring 2022, Lenapehoking (Queens, NY)
With reference and research to their own dancing genderqueer body, “TrellisPt2-viewpoints” explores the potential-ness of gender expressions through movement, writing, scenic designs, fragments, prompts and questions. Mars Garcia invites audiences to participate in the empathy and humanness of listening, describing, and embodying.
Role: Facilitator|Dancer|Human|Body
Conception/choreography: Mars Garcia
Sound design by: Vattica

wystiayt "would you set the table if i asked you to?" (2019-2023)

Photography by Lauren Chiriboga
Harvesting: Spring 2022, Lenapehoking (Queens, NY)
The Brick Theater (2023), Brick Aux (2023), LimeFest (2020), The Tank NYC (2022)
A 60-minute experimental theater piece that blends the imagery of the Chinese zodiac with the language of Greek myth and features an all female/non-binary identifying, multigenerational East Asian diasporic cast, "would you set the table if I asked you to" centers a mother who goes through great pains to teach her children lessons she learned, ones that she thought were necessary to survive.
Role: Movement Director|Thought partner
Written/Directed by: Hillary Gao
Dramaturgy by: Annie Wang
Assistant Director: Beth Crawford
Actors: Sharon Sakai, Miranda Kang, Shan Y Chuan, Ring Yuqi Yang
Costume Design by: Dan Wang
Sound design/Musician: Riyaaz Ray
Associate Producer: Leigh Honigman
For their creative contribution to the work, a special thanks to:
Amy Hart, Anya Zhang, Cynthia Hu, Bing Zhu, Ryn Stafford, Allison Brooks, Nikkie Samreth, Theresa Buchheister, Josephine Chiang, etc.

genesis "Genesis" (2020)

Photography by Celine Abdallah
Pink Frog Cafe, Brooklyn, NY
The puppet play “The Pit” is set in the pit of a punk concert. A lost soul has a religious experience that teaches them to appreciate the now.                                                                                        
Role: Choreographer | Puppeteer
Written/Directed by: Mary Ann Odette
Actors: Ryn Stafford
Tech: Celine Abdallah

alwsab "Lamb with Spot and Blemish" (2022)

Photography by Ryn Stafford
Pink Frog Cafe, Brooklyn, NY
One night, a lamb is born. There have been no rams in the flock, so how could the mother be pregnant? An incision is made down to the bone, and the flesh is peeled back to reveal that the bone is clean. And so, it is judged. Judged. Judged. And decided. She is taken to the top of the hill and sacrificed. The next day she is born. There have been no rams in the flock, so how could the mother be pregnant?
Role: Choreographer | Thought partner | Shadow Puppetry
Written/Directed by: Hillary Gao
Actors: Hillary Gao, Josephine Chiang
Tech: Celine Abdallah

trellis_1 "Trellis Pt. 1 " (2021-2022)

Photography by Josef Pinlac
Queensboro Dance Festival 2021 Tour, NY
In the duet “Trellis Pt. 1", the dancers negotiate space, touch and build trust through structured interactions. Audiences experience the formulation and progression of perceiving others in social interactions, heightening their awareness for the embedded physicalization of thought dancing amidst all conversations.
Role: Conception | Movement Director | Dancer
Sound design: "Vattica" Alexander Millar
Costume design: Nikkie Samreth
Dancers: Grace Tong
For their creative contribution to this work, a special thanks to:
Theo Armstrong, Nicole Truzzi, Iliana Penichet-Ramirez, Isa Spector, and Jade Manns

" Normal Time" (2022)

New York City, 2022
Role: Movement Director
Picture/Sound/Edit: Geoffrey Leung/public spaces
Acting/Embodiment: Allison Brooks

give_weight "give them your weight but don't let them move you" (2019-2020)

Photography by Shunyao Zhang
Soapbox Gallery (Brooklyn, NY) - Periapsis Music and Dance Choreographer Series
Harvesting: Fall 2020, Lenapehoking (Queens, NY)
Demonstrating the queer nuances of a growing relationship, this duet culminates in the contact improvisation of “give your partner your weight but don't let them move you". Relaying also the emotional application of this task, these episodic deconstructions, demonstrate the unique potential of sustained vulnerability.
Role: Choreographer
Music by Jonathan Howard Katz
Dancers: Theo Armstrong, Nicole Truzzi
For their creative contribution to this work, a special thanks to:
Iliana Penichet-Ramirez, Isa Spector, Jade Manns

apt3 "Apt3"

Image credit: Meredith Baughman
Site Specific, East Village, NYC
WALLSLAP presents a site specific score of collaborative movement/dance.
Conception/Performance by WALLSLAP (Mars Garcia, Iliana Penichet Ramirez, Jade Manns, Isa Spector, Cayleen del Rosario, Alysia Razman)
For their contribution to the work, a special thanks to: Meredith Baughman

update "UPDATE"

NYC Fringe Festival, Irondale Center 2019
Dixon Place, NYC 2019
Alchemical Studios, 2019
Gallatin Arts Festival, 2019
UPDATE is an experimental, immersive, and interactive performance-ritual that examines modes of communication in the digital age. UPDATE uses music, dance, theater, creative technology, and installation art to create an interactive landscape that transforms audience members into performers and strangers into a community
Conception/Direction: Michael DelaFlor
Devised Movement/Text/Performance: Mars Garcia, Aaron J. Stewart, Adrian Collins, Cesar Pinzon, Diego Blanc Zoco, Hope Luna, Irmak Hatirli, Jade Manns, Marianna Hoitt-Lange, Nola Latty, Richard Pannullo, Shannon Barnes, Sophie Vincent
Composer: Jon Clancy
Video Art: Mateo Hernandez Almeyda